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5 Steps to Total Alignment

In successful organizations people align behind their vision, and work together towards the same goal. In great organizations the alignment level is even higher. All internal processes are aligned to deliver value to the customer. Here are 5 steps to help your organization achieve total alignment. Continue reading “5 Steps to Total Alignment”

6 Corporate Values You Should Be Focusing On

As a leader, you want your corporation to move in a certain direction. To do this you may need to change behaviors, and behaviors start with values. Here we’ll discuss 6 key values that your corporation should be focusing on now. Continue reading “6 Corporate Values You Should Be Focusing On”

How to Create Alignment by Communicating Your Mission

Nothing is more powerful in aligning a group of people than imbuing them with a sense of purpose, a sense of mission. It is the cornerstone of alignment.

In our consulting practice we have reviewed many mission, vision and value statements in organizations worldwide. Having these statements in place is good. But, unfortunately, many of them serve just as inserts in a brochure or a plaque on a wall or a page in company website. Often the statements do really nothing to drive behavior on a day- to- day basis. Continue reading “How to Create Alignment by Communicating Your Mission”