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Are Your Meetings Adding Real Value?

Every successful company watches its progress. Either quarterly or monthly, managers attend ‘results meetings’. But do these meetings actually produce results? Or are they conducted in a way that waste time and miss opportunities?

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There’s a Difference Between Your Company’s Vision and Its Mission. Here’s How to Achieve Them Both.

While most companies have mission, vision and value statements, few companies place these statements at the center of everything they do. Even fewer make these statements the driving force behind their present activities or their initiatives for the future.

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How to Align Your Company in Five Steps

Why worry about alignment? What does an aligned company look like? Think about these questions.

  • Is your company fully in tune with its customer base?
  • Are your internal processes delivering your value proposition with quality and speed?
  • Are your people fully engaged in running the processes at optimum capacity?
  • Are your top executives fully engaged in addressing the future needs of your customers?
  • Are your top executives spending the majority of their time addressing the future?

These are some of the key elements of an aligned organization. How can you get there? Here are five steps to help you achieve alignment in your company or organization.

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Team Leadership 101: Creating a Culture of Performance

Culture is one of the most important factors to organization’s success because it defines how things are done and how people behave. Culture is the learned assumptions on which people base their daily behavior, drawing on phrases like “the way we do things around here.” Culture drives the organization, its actions and results, and guides how employees think, act and feel. Continue reading “Team Leadership 101: Creating a Culture of Performance”

To Become A True Leader You Must Implement These Three Things

The word “leader” is thrown around quite a bit in today’s society: team leader, natural leader, world leader, etc. But what does it really mean to be a leader, and how can you become one?  Let’s talk about three key elements that you need to address to become a true leader. Continue reading “To Become A True Leader You Must Implement These Three Things”

7 Ways to Nurture Alignment in Your Organization

Achieving real alignment, where strategy, goals, and meaningful purpose reinforce one another, gives an organization a major advantage because it has a clearer sense of priorities at any given time. The result is an organization that can focus on the right things, avoid misalignment and increase the chances of achieving objectives. Continue reading “7 Ways to Nurture Alignment in Your Organization”

How Leaders Can Facilitate Change in Others

The word “change” automatically conjures up a wide range of responses in people.

Some people embrace it and some people resist it. Experienced and successful leaders will agree that effective change demands planning. Developing the skills and a process to realize and manage organizational change requires enhanced leadership abilities. How do you gain the support of your employees for even the most drastic of changes? Let’s take a look at some key behaviors to facilitate change in others. Continue reading “How Leaders Can Facilitate Change in Others”

Why Your Team Is Not Achieving Its Goals

Without a goal, a company has no direction. Goals are the map that keeps everyone on course, whether you’re in a new startup or a well-established corporation. Alignment with the goals your company has set forth is the difference between pursuing the path together as a well-oiled machine or as individual parts flying off in multiple directions. Let’s focus on some reasons why teams don’t achieve their goals and how to get back on track. Continue reading “Why Your Team Is Not Achieving Its Goals”

7 Reasons Leaders Fail at True Leadership

In the recent past, we’ve witnessed the public downfall of leaders from almost every area of the news—business, politics, religion, and sports. But regardless of what sector or discipline, the distance between a beloved leader and a despised failure is smaller than we think. Leadership is both a science and an art that is constantly evolving and operating. To be a good leader requires motivating, monitoring, and developing yourself through active hands-on involvement with your organization. To avoid a leadership failure, pay attention to these behaviors that can act as a warning sign. Continue reading “7 Reasons Leaders Fail at True Leadership”

The Art of Alignment – 5 Lessons for Leaders

As leaders know, success is achieved when people are aligned behind their vision and working together focused on the same goal. But how do you accomplish this?

Here are five ideas that may be helpful for a leader seeking to achieve alignment in his or her organization: Continue reading “The Art of Alignment – 5 Lessons for Leaders”