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5 Steps to Total Alignment

In successful organizations people align behind their vision, and work together towards the same goal. In great organizations the alignment level is even higher. All internal processes are aligned to deliver value to the customer. Here are 5 steps to help your organization achieve total alignment. Continue reading “5 Steps to Total Alignment”

7 Ways to Nurture Alignment in Your Organization

Achieving real alignment, where strategy, goals, and meaningful purpose reinforce one another, gives an organization a major advantage because it has a clearer sense of priorities at any given time. The result is an organization that can focus on the right things, avoid misalignment and increase the chances of achieving objectives. Continue reading “7 Ways to Nurture Alignment in Your Organization”

Why Your Team Is Not Achieving Its Goals

Without a goal, a company has no direction. Goals are the map that keeps everyone on course, whether you’re in a new startup or a well-established corporation. Alignment with the goals your company has set forth is the difference between pursuing the path together as a well-oiled machine or as individual parts flying off in multiple directions. Let’s focus on some reasons why teams don’t achieve their goals and how to get back on track. Continue reading “Why Your Team Is Not Achieving Its Goals”

The Art of Alignment – 5 Lessons for Leaders

As leaders know, success is achieved when people are aligned behind their vision and working together focused on the same goal. But how do you accomplish this?

Here are five ideas that may be helpful for a leader seeking to achieve alignment in his or her organization: Continue reading “The Art of Alignment – 5 Lessons for Leaders”

4 Ways Leaders Can Improve Their Behavior

As mentioned in a previous post, the behavior of leaders should ideally reflect the values of the organization. But accomplishing this goal may call for some change in behaviors. From quitting smoking to exercising regularly to getting more organized, most of us have a list of behaviors we’d like to change. We are all familiar with the need to change and the challenge of initiating and sustaining the change. Let’s look at 4 ways that leaders can be proactive and improve their behavior to set the example for their organizations. Continue reading “4 Ways Leaders Can Improve Their Behavior”