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See What Leaders have to Say About Total Alignment

By following the process of alignment as outlined in Total Alignment, you will see the following results:

  • All jobholders will be aligned with vision and strategy of your company.
  • People will be focused on the right things.
  • Lower levels will be focused on operations and upper levels on strategy.
  • culture of measurement, accountability, and problem solving will exist at all levels.
  • Management will improve as people are given the skills and tools to manage.
  • Natural and cross-functional teams will achieve new levels of collaboration.
  • Communication will improve horizontally and vertically and a common language will emerge.
  • Access to key and relevant information will improve performance at all levels.
  • Performance becomes transparent allowing for effective problem solving and performance recognition resulting in talent retention.
  • Competencies will be developed through coaching at all levels.

Permanent improvement is the result of aligning your people. Using these systems, you will be able to elicit ownership and agreement from your entire team, anchor the CEO’s commitment to the process and revitalize your compensation system with the effective use of the scorecards.

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Case 1 – A Large Group of Companies

The former CEO of a major Mexican company, José Antonio Fernandez, who was recognized in 2013 as one of the top 30 CEOs worldwide by Barrons, wrote of the results made possible partially through the contribution of Total Alignment.

“The process of alignment and transformation within FEMSA began with an offsite session of my executive team. We all flew to Houston, Texas. With Riaz’s help, we reviewed our mission, vision, and values. We were captivated by looking forward to what FEMSA could become in the future, and were thrust into the process of analyzing how to reach that vision by adding more value to the organization.

We have now far surpassed the vision we had created with him: Employment has increased seven times; revenue has increased 21 times; EBITDA has increased 16 times; and market value in U.S. dollars has increased 14 times when comparing numbers from 1996 to 2016.

Contacting Riaz to help us implement the concepts of this book in FEMSA was critical for our growth. We needed a unified language to be able to understand and measure our progress and we required full agreement on what were our Critical Success Factors for each and every member of the team. Riaz helped enormously in doing that. He introduced the process of using his methodologies and solutions to transform the way we operated by forcing us to work as a team.

Our implementation of Total Alignment (known as TOPS at the time) took some time to be implemented, especially because we had to convince the team at the beginning; but now we all agree that it worked extremely well and that it helped us unify and align ultimate goals for the company, impacting positively several key factors: productivity, team work, flexibility and communication. Many concepts in this book you are reading, including vertical review and critical success factors, are now part of our culture.”

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Case 2 – A Midsize Company

Total Alignment was implemented in a medium-sized Mexican company in the food industry in 2016. With great focus on accountability, scorecards were defined for all jobholders in their main offices in Mexico. The TOPS software system was installed and compensation was linked to performance. Managers developed creative action plans to improve their scorecards and used the team review and vertical review processes to review them.

The CEO used the system’s performance transparency mechanism to closely watch performance of the entire organization, to reinforce star performers and to provide support as needed to managers at all levels.

The cumulative effect of this level of attention to the scorecards and results produced a sales increase in this company close to four-fold – from USD $40 million to USD $150 million in one year. The system is currently being expanded to all international operations of this company in Europe and the US.

See What Leaders have to Say About Total Alignment

“Riaz Khadem has developed a simple and effective framework based on what successful managers and entrepreneurs do in order to align everyone in an organization of any size…for anyone looking to manage and direct groups of any kind looking to achieve long term goals.”

Juan Pablo Loperena, CEO, TIP, largest leasing company: vehicles: trucks, tractors, & trailers, Mexico
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I found the ideas presented in this book to be fresh and yet with a timeless wisdom. The book moves very fast and covers everything from strateg

Dave Falk, Director of Operations, Avery Dennison Corporation, Specialty Tape Division, USA
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This concept is like a glass of cold water in a desert. We need it for all our managers.

The President of a large retail chain
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This book consolidates the decade-long experience of Riaz Khadem and manages to offer a clear method of moving from strategy to implementation in an effective and lasting way.

Jaime Garcia Narro, National Director of Executive Education, EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey
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Total Alignment is a great management system that not only allowed us to survive through the most difficult times in the financial crisis, but helped us thrive through a simple group of processes that TOTALLY aligned our vision for the years to come with complete and total accountability.

Norberto Sanchez, CEO, NORSAN GROUP, Hospitality and restaurant chain, USA
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What an exceptional book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is very well and tightly written, filled with useful, practical gems, without needless fluff – perfect for the busy Executive looking for quick, digestible knowledge that is equally easy to apply. A must read for leaders who seek to further evolve their leadership, operational efforts, and organizational effectiveness.

Jenny Carrillo, VP, Account Management, American Well, Leader in Telehealth Services, USA
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For the first time we have a book that puts it all together. Management processes that have always been apart are now aligned and integrated.

Héctor Rangel, Former chairman of the Board, BBVA BANCOMER, The largest financial institution in Mexico
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“Riaz Khadem has done it again. His new book, Total Alignment, takes his terrific One Page Management technique to the next level. It’s a blueprint for moving any organizational team forward towards the greater good.”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Collaboration Begins with You.
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“One of the leading causes of companies not achieving their maximum potential is the lack of organizational alignment in strategy definition and implementationTotal Alignment is the answer to organizations achieving their potential and provides lots of practical insight as to how to achieve this elusive goal. This is recommended to all managers, new or experienced, domestic or international, old or new economy, everybody
 can greatly benefit from it.

Javier Fernández, Member of the Board of directors of CEMEX.
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“Total Alignment integrates efforts towards the same direction in a surprising way and is an integral solution that greatly increases the chances of success.”

Antonio de la llata, CEO, Guaymex
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Riaz Khadem is the master of Alignment. I met Riaz 20 years ago and I have been a follower of his great work…that integrates and aligns vision with the organization getting extraordinary results…learn from one of the best.”

Oscar Odriozola , Healthcare and financial specialist working with BENAVIDES chain of pharmacies, Mexico
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“It works and it’s great! The results are impressive. It helped us increase market share in each of our businesses and achieve a double digit boost in new income, keeping our stock price way above the index. It’s given us a clear competitive advantage.”

Jose Antonio Fernandez, CEO, FEMSA, during implementation, México
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“We have implemented Total Alignment for nearly twenty years. It is working very well, not only for alignment but also for execution. It is a management technique which includes a well developed software to help transit successfully from the vision and strategy to the specific decision making, and execution of the key goals, which makes a clear difference in the accurate steering of a company towards the set targets.”

Jorge Ballesteros Franco, Chairman, GMD, World-class construction company, Mexico
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“We now have a culture which generates ideas, is open and involves people. Sales and profitability are up considerably. This is because people are doing heroic things at the frontline.”

Steve Bedford, Group HR director of British Home Stores during implementation, UK
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“I didn’t believe it at first. Now that we’ve implemented this management system, I can say for sure that it has exceeded our expectations. During the last year our operating income in real terms grew 54%, the business improved competencies and positioned itself for even greater results this year.

Julián Serrano Gutiérrez, CEO of OXXO stores during implementation, México
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“Total Alignment gives us a solid framework to move an organization to high levels of performance with a set of powerful concepts and the beauty of them is their simplicity, clarity and common sense.

Roberto Montelongo, COO, SOFTTEK, Global provider of process-driven IT solutions
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“One Page Management has the highest ease of reading together with take home value of any book I have ever read.”

Review of First Edition – Alan McMillan, Executive VP, Coopervision, Inc.
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“Total Alignment makes all the people in a company focus on what’s really important and truly generates value, thus shaping a collaborative culture within the firm. For us it has been a culture changing philosophy.”

Graciano Guichard, CEO LIVERPOOL, One of the largest department store chains in Mexico.
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“A management system that has it all – focus, accountability, ownership, motivation and sustainability.”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and One Minute Entrepreneur™
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“Total Alignment helps you develop and maintain a new cooperative culture where each employee offers their commitment and individual contribution to the benefit of the whole company.”

Armando Muñoz, CEO of Sotec, Spain
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A great step by step method that enabled our company to spread our business model…

Daniel Servitje, CEO, Grupo Bimbo, during implementation, México, the world’s largest baking company
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“I’m impressed with the sharp focus on individual accountability which we’ve been able to establish through this system. Together, these initiatives have helped us increase 26% net income. It’s simple and powerful.”

Alfredo Martinez Urdal, CEO of Coca Cola, during implementation, México
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Partial List of Clients Served

  • GE Capital Mortgage — USA
  • Grupo Mexicano de Desarrollo — México
  • Oxxo FEMSA — México
  • ARIAN Construction — Spain
  • BellSouth — USA
  • Mothercare — United Kingdom
  • Avery Dennison — USA
  • Grupo Gondi — México
  • BHS — United Kingdom
  • Nueva EPS — Colombia
  • Grupo FEMSA — México
  • Bancomer — México
  • Grupo Bimbo — México
  • Grupo Guaymex — México
  • Servicios Liverpool — México
  • Kodak, Textile Division — USA
  • Norsan Group — USA
  • Softtek, — México
  • Handl Tyrol — Austria
  • Allianz Salud — Colombia
  • Prolec-GE — México
  • Volksfürsorge — Germany
  • Grupo Carvajal — México
  • Erickson Air-Crane — USA
  • Coca Cola FEMSA — México
  • United Technologies, Essex Group — USA
  • Cuprum — México
  • Romerquelle — Austria
  • Oxxo — México
  • Hippo Bank — Austria
  • UNAB — Colombia