Improving Your Vision

Creating a Clear Vision That Inspires Your Whole Team to Rally

How Do You Know if Your Company’s Vision is Effective?

improving your vision

By observing whether or not your team is enthused by, aligned with it…and can repeat it. A vision is meant to inspire teamwork, focus efforts and even increase efficiency.

The problem: Often it makes perfect sense to only a few individuals at the top of the company, but gets blurry the further away one goes.

In this transformative presentation, Riaz Khadem shows you how to improve the effectiveness of your vision through better definition, involvement and measurement.

Through his guidance, your team will be invited to boldly ask the “Six Critical Questions”:

  • Is it clear and challenging?
  • Does it complement your mission without repeating it?
  • Does it stand separate from your strategy?
  • Is it unified and shared?
  • Is it at the center of everything your company does?
  • Is it playing a role in shaping behavior?

To assure effectiveness, your vision must be clear and measured. This improved focus is created and enhanced by the use of Riaz Khadem’s proprietary “Four Step Visioning” methodology. He will show your team how to measure how well your data holds up against the vision, and where the greatest opportunity lies.

Your company may currently be using metrics to track performance. How do these differ from the indicators of vision? They don’t. Streamlining your measurement system and making sure it supports an effective vision are the key to management strength and long-term growth.

Learn to fashion, implement, measure and achieve your vision in this powerful program.