Turning Strategy into Reality

The Unstoppable Power of “Total Alignment”

The Best Strategies Fail When People – or Even Whole Departments – Pursue Their Own Agendas

creating total alignment

Sometimes, those agendas are not even coherent with the overall strategy set by the leadership team! After the fact, people are inclined to spend time wondering what went wrong? Was it the strategy? The execution? Communication? Something else?

In the aftermath of a failed strategy, a lot of time and money can be wasted.

Riaz Khadem offers an eye-opening, efficiency-enhancing program that delivers on the promise to show every team member the ability – and the desire – to execute properly on its strategies. This rare and precious skill will enable your company to maximize the talents, energy and creativity of the entire team – and get everyone headed in the same strategic direction. This super-power enables the company to respond to market changes, identify market shifts, lead the field with innovation, and develop a cohesive team ready to nimbly adapt and seize opportunities.

This powerful process is called, “Total Alignment.” Devised, honed and implemented worldwide, over the last 25 years by Riaz Khadem and his training team, this transformative program is comprised of three symbiotic systems:

Accountability System –
Each person in the company must be aligned with the strategy, the goals, the organization and the team. To achieve this, first leaders must clarify and express the accountability of each position within the company. What makes the work done “good?” What accountability goes with what roles? Riaz Khadem will present his ingenious, simple method for quickly and accurately defining accountability for the right person at the right level of your organization. When this process is completed, each team member will have a meaningful and aligned “scorecard” – a way of knowing what is expected and self-managing oneself into alignment.
Information System –
Alignment needs sustainability. A well-prepared Information sharing system allows all team mates to achieve personal and collective course adjustment. When each jobholder has accurate, relevant and timely information, they are empowered to add meaningful value as well as support the rest of the team.
Management System –
Implementing the systems drastically minimizes time wasted on miscommunication and general management challenges. This innovative concept in management enables leadership to revolutionize the focus of meetings while increasing their direct impact on results and profits.
The “Total Alignment” that results from the full understanding and implementation of these three systems fosters a culture of problem solving, feedback, coaching, and future orientation among your managers, spontaneously generates cohesive teams with better morale, and empowers individual and team contribution system-wide.