One Page Management

How to Align Yourself for Success with One Page of Meaningful Information

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Learn How to Align Yourself for Success With This Newly Revised Business Classic

A key element of success is access to vital information, but in an era of information overload, the busy manager is apt to lose focus on the right things. How does he decide where to direct his attention and pinpoint the facts that are important to him? One Page Management presents a radically simple and effective way to achieve highest performance through a unique alignment process. Here you will learn four simple steps that enable you to align yourself with the expectations of your key relationships and utilize three one page reports to track your progress. The focus you will gain through this systematic process will help you reach and exceed your goals and increase your added value to your organization.

This is a fail-safe system for managers at every level of the organization. It offers the key to high productivity and realized goals. Written in a simple story format this book is fun to read and filled with valuable insights and tools you will need to align yourself for success!

This business classic has been translated into twelve languages. It has been expanded in collaboration with a third co-author, Linda Khadem, and is available in English and Spanish.