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Dr. Khadem collaborates with EGADE business school to offer executive seminars in Mexico
Coming soon - New & updated version of Total Alignment in English by Entrepreneur Press
Dr. Khadem speaks to the families of owners of LIVERPOOL, Mexico's major retailer, on culture, collaboration and alignment.
Entrepreneur Press in the US contracts with Riaz and Linda Khadem to publish a new version of Total Alignment with focus on entrepreneurs.
Dr. Khadem speaks to UNAB executive team in Bucaramanga, Colombia on cultural transformation through Total Alignment.
Lidea, a fast growing entrepreneurial firm in Mexico begins implementation of Total Alignment.
Dr. Khadem serves as the KEN speaker at the Kettering Institute in Atlanta on "Clarifying Accountability in Organizations."
Infotrac, Inc.
Atlanta, GA USA.

It's people who make the difference in any organization and we have been focusing on people since our beginning in 1984. The tools described in this website have evolved through the experience of helping thousands of individuals measure their performance and increase their unique added value.

Our approach began with self-definition of the scorecard by managers and has now matured into a full accountability process where scorecards emerge from vision and strategy. We have developed a remarkable software tool to support the management of scorecards throughout the organization.

Total Alignment is a comprehensive management solution based on twenty years of accumulated learning in our international consulting practice.


Total Alignment is a process of aligning and integrating the actions of everyone in the organization with strategy. The process is particularly relevant during these times of economic opportunity. It helps organizations maximize effective use of resources, eliminate waste, and focus every person on delivering added value.

Total Alignment is a tool for helping organizations to sharpen their focus, and is a mechanism for fostering innovation and building management strength.
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